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A bit about the work of India Dhamma Trust.

In India today, Buddhism offers people a vision for a new life with purpose, dignity and confidence. It means freedom from caste oppression and an opportunity for them to fulfil their human potential.  It encourages compassion for those who are still suffering from disadvantage and prejudice.

Thousands of people in India are eager to learn and practise Buddhism.  They often come from poor communities and as a result experience very difficult circumstances such as lack of space, no disposable income and little time to go on retreat.  In these conditions it is a huge achievement to be able to practise at all.

Over the last 30 years, the Triratna Buddhist Order has developed an effective and appropriate way of teaching Buddhism. The Indian ordination teams are at the heart of this approach. Deeply sensitive to the needs of  Indian people, they are actively engaged in creating positive conditions for over 9000 mitras and 1500 people training for ordination. 

The Triratna Order in India has grown to well over 500 women and men and is bringing real change - social as well as personal - to many lives. This, in turn, has a far reaching and beneficial effect on their communities.

The Need

What we need is funding for the Indian Ordination teams and public preceptors, the projects they prioritise, Dhamma teachers and retreat centres. These provide the conditions that support thousands of people who are eager to learn about Buddhism, to practise it and to share their experience with others. 

The Indian fundraising teams have acquired new skills enabling them to successfully raise money from their own communities but they still need our help.

How you can help

Please give what you can, ideally on a regular basis.

Your generosity will give some of the most disadvantaged people in India an opportunity to transform their lives, their communities and bring about the historic revival of Buddhism in the land of the Buddha’s birth.

Please join the Dhamma Revolution now and make that vision a reality.