India Dhamma Trust:

The Sangha Response in India

On Sat, 23 May, 2020 - 15:00
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Some of you may have heard reports about what is happening in India - the suffering of migrant workers and daily wage earners who are struggling to find food in the lockdown.

What is really impressive is how the Sangha has responded to the challenge. The ordination teams are galvanised and inspired. They are leading the Sangha: guiding and encouraging Order Members, mitras and friends to provide a coordinated and wholehearted response to the immediate practical needs of the people around them. People who thought they had been forgotten. They are spearheading the way, providing a vision of what the Buddhist compassionate response to suffering looks like. 

They are also responding to people’s Dharmic needs, learning how to use zoom and YouTube to give talks and run workshops. They are spending a lot of time on the phone, supporting those who are locked down in sometimes quite demanding situations: cramped homes and the difficulty of obtaining food.  As India goes into economic recession, many people are losing their jobs. The Three Jewels have never been so urgent or vivid in people’s lives, and the teams in India want to honour that and help people deepen their Dharma practice.

They need our support to carry on giving guidance and the gift of the Dharma, responding to the needs of the people they serve. Could you help by giving us a donation or doubling your standing order?

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