India Dhamma Trust:

One Month Retreat For Young Women In India

On Wed, 17 July, 2019 - 21:53
vajratara's picture

The women’s ordination team, with Karunamaya and Padmasuri, led a one month’s Dhamma training course for young women in Nagpur. The culminated in Bodhgaya where those on the course led a 5 day retreat for women in Bihar. Watch this documentary and hear the participants talk about their experience. For me it seems an especially significant course. The young women learn about the Dhamma and Dr Ambedkar in the very heartland of modern Indian Buddhism. They then travel North to the heartland of ancient Buddhism, giving the gift of what they have learnt to those women in the very poorest part of their country. Women in India giving the gift of confidence, friendship and the Dhamma to each other. A smile for the future!

The India Dhamma Trust support the women’s ordination team that enables these, and other projects and retreats to take place.  Thank you, this is where your money goes!

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