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Moving from MyDonate to Virgin Money Giving

On Mon, 27 May, 2019 - 16:35
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India Dhamma Trust are in the midst of a transition with important effects upon the work we support in India

About a third of our regular donors give via the MyDonate website. Unfortunately, this is closing at the end of June, so we have had to find a replacement service.

Because of this we will now be using Virgin Money Giving as our platform for online gifts. It offers the same ease of use we had with MyDonate, along with the same facility to administer Gift Aid for us.  It also offers the chance to offset their administration fee.

There is naturally a risk in this transition that some of our regular gifts may fall through a gap, and thus affect the crucial work we support in India. Because of this, we request our MyDonate donors to follow these two steps in the following order ( If you wish to join in supporting us only the first step is required).

1) Go to the following address to complete the form there, including the Gift Aid option if eligible. (Cut and paste this web address to your internet browser or use the button in this post - be sure to click the button for regular gifts)…

2). Once your new gift is set up through Virgin Money Giving, cancel your existing one through MyDonate.

Although the closure of MyDonate is unfortunate and unexpected, it does perhaps afford an opportunity to our current ongoing gifts and consider the possibility of increasing them. This would naturally be very welcome to India Dhamma Trust and our beneficiaries in India.

The money that we and our partner fundraisers in India raise currently keep the ordination processes in India functioning at their current level only. As there are approaching 2500 people who have now requested ordination in India, increased gifts will better enable the teams to respond to the growing need, which can mean more ordination team members and preceptors. Please consider an increase to your current gift as you make the transition to Virgin Money Giving.

Thank you very much for giving this your attention. The process should be easy, but if you would like any help please contact us via info [at]  or phone Dhammavijaya on 07984859474.

With thanks from India Dhamma Trust and our brothers and sisters in India for your continued support.

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