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Mindful Emotion - A New Book On Kindness

On Thu, 11 May, 2017 - 12:07
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We have released Mindful Emotion: A Short Course in Kindness just ahead of a prediction reported in The Bookseller - the UK’s publishing-trade magazine - that the next trending lifestyle attitude after lagom and hygge is . . . kindness.

The book draws on Kindness Behaviour Training and offers reflections and exercises to bring more kindness into our daily lives.

Mindful Emotion by Drs Paramabandhu Groves and Jed Shamel has been hailed by quite a few voices in the field:

A variety of secular-based mindfulness meditation instructions and thoughtful exercises support this process of creating a garden of kindness, which is what our world so badly needs right now. - Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, author of Good Karma: How to Create the Causes of Happiness and Avoid the Causes of Suffering

This deeply informative book brings together secular science, ancient wisdoms and psychotherapeutic insights, in a series of steps and practices to cultivate kindness to self and others and thereby reap its benefits. Accessible and practical, this book will be of great benefit to many. - Professor Paul Gilbert, PhD, FBPsS, OBE, author of The Compassionate Mind

Buy this book, read it, practise with it. It’s a wonderfully welcome addition to the body of work around mindfulness and compassion. It’s engaging; down-to-earth but uplifting; and very much to the point. I’ll certainly be recommending it to all those who have attended my mindfulness classes.Michael Chaskalson (Dharmachari Kulananda), author of Mindfulness in Eight Weeks

Buy it as paperback or eBook from our website. Don’t forget you get 10% off if you register with us first.  And catch Paramabandhu at these Triratna Centres in the UK and Ireland over the next few months:

Paramabandhu’s book launch:
Dublin 12 May
London Buddhist Centre 15 May
Cambridge 23 May
Brighton 6 June
Shrewsbury 7 June
Birmingham 8 June
Cardiff 20 June
Colchester 22 June
Glasgow 28 June
Nottingham 20 September
Sheffield 28/29 September

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