The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28

Metta Wave Poster

On Fri, 13 November, 2015 - 14:43
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Here are the photo posters of nearly all of the Triratna Sanghas around the world which are taking part in the Urban Retreat 2015. Many thanks to Rijupatha from the team at Dharmachakra (who are behind The Buddhist Centre Online and Free Buddhist Audio) for creating it! 

There are two versions as you will see - version one is a multi-sheet A4 PDF that can be printed out on a home printer, and then stuck on some card to create one big poster; version 2 is the full sheet that can be printed professionally at a large size. Happy printing! We’ve also included web only versions for those who don’t want to print.

The idea is to print this poster out and display it either prominently in your reception or have it on your shrine to celebrate our international sangha. 

On Saturday 21st November ​around 4pm you and your urban retreatants are invited to do a special Urban Retreat Metta Bhavana. As part of this you can read out the list of all the centres and groups participating in the Urban Retreat 

​There will be a Metta Wave going around the world as our individual Sanghas allowing metta to radiate to ​all Triratna sanghas around the globe, and of course to all beings everywhere. The wave will start with Australia, move on via Moscow and Finland and over the rest of Europe and end in the Americas - so there will be a 19 hr period when the world is suffused with our waves of metta! 

​And please encourage your participants to ​continue this metta wave throughout the week 21-28 November by posting photos of their urban retreat shrines or of their rupas. 

There is just over a week to go before the start of the International Urban Retreat 2015. Please do also encourage members of your sangha who are unable to attend your introductory day retreat or other events at your Centre to take part by participating in the Urban Retreat online - an excellent opportunity not just to deepen their Buddhist practice but also to get a delightful sense of our world-wide Triratna Community.

Please help keep the Urban Retreat free 

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saddhāruci's picture

Couldn’t send our GFR women’s picture :( is it still possible? 

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Hi dharma_gal, it will be possible! It may only be possible from the start of the Urban retreat on the 21st - let me find out and I’ll get back to you :) 

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We can definitely add the picture to the existing set online at least.

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We (the Breathworks team) didn’t quite manage to send a picture either.  Can you let me know if its still possible to be included? Thanks very much

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Hi Helen, yes please send you pic directly to rijupatha [at] and add  it to the web post! 

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Hi dharma_gal please send your pic directly to rijupatha [at] so he can add to the initial web post x 

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Great! I just sent it :) 

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HI Helen, any chance you could send it to Rijupatha as soon as possible? So he can add it - thank you xx

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Hi Mokshini - just sent it! Thanks for the including us xx