The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28

A Meditation For The Metta Wave

On Sun, 25 October, 2015 - 14:56
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At 4pm on Saturday November 21 all participants of the International Urban retreat 2015 are invited to take part in a practice of the Metta Bhavana - the Development of Loving Kindness meditation.  

We suggest you practice this traditional meditation practice a little differently to how it is normally done.

Stage 1: Start by getting in contact with a heartfelt wish for well being and happiness for yourself

Stage 2: Then extend your metta, your goodwill and wish for their happiness, to  a good friend

Stage 3: In this stage we send metta to the sangha we are either meditating with at this moment in time; or to the people in our lives who share our values and our desire to practice.

Stage 4: Then continue by including all the other sanghas across the globe who are also spending this day preparing for a week of more intensive practice at home & work; as well as all the individuals who are taking part in this Urban Retreat in different parts of the world: as part of this stage you may wish to read out, slowly, the list of all the Triratna Centres and groups, and send each group people metta: may they have a transformative and enjoyable week. May they succeed in changing their lives for the better.  May they have the friends and support that we each need for our practice. May dharma practice thrive around the world!  

Stage 5: Bring to mind all beings everywhere.  Human and non-human, may they be happy and free from suffering! From whatever country or culture they stem, in all the corners of the earth, may they be old or young, men and women, strong or weak -may all beings be happy in their heart of hearts!

Please help keep this retreat free.

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Thankyou Vajrashura and Prajnagita,  for your imput and help. . A joy to finally work out how to use the site. :) 

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The list of Triratna centres is private and I can’t see it. We are going to do the  metta wave here in Venezuela even though we won’t be doing the rest of the Urban Retreat. 

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Waving to you in Venezuela from my flat in Bristol! Mandando mucho metta desde mi piso en Bristol :)

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hi vajranatha, 

great that your sangha in Venezuela joined the metta wave, I trust you got hold of the list! 

Most of the pages on this site are ‘private’ in the sense that you will only see them if you have joined the urban retreat page by clicking on +Follow in the banner image on the ‘about’ page. This is so that comments and any postings stay within the community of those doing the urban retreat and don’t get shared all over the 

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That said, we had meant the list to be public - so it now is! :)