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Online meditation this week

On Wed, 23 January, 2013 - 12:55
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This week we’ll be sitting at the new earlier time of 11am EST, 4pm UK, 9.30pm Maharashtra. We’ll be doing the Metta Bhavana meditation - hope you can join us and help spread the love!

We’ll also be continuing our technology experiments - this week you can connect either on Google + (we’ll post the live Hangout link on the page 15 minutes or so before we start) or on Skype by connecting with user See you there!

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Hi Tulip, and welcome to the site! We’re still in our early days and focussed on local Buddhist Centres and Projects around the world while everyone in our community is getting used to having own social network. We’re developing the facility now for anyone to start their own practice journal and Groups - watch this space…
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Hi Patchicoo, we’ll be meditating online on Thursdays, see times above.
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Hi Tulip. I guess you must know but you’ve entered an invalid email address for your account. This means you can’t get notifications of all your membership requests to groups or about any other activity on the site. If you’d like to edit this you can do so under ‘profile & posts’.