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'A Supra-personal Force or Energy Working Through Me'

On Mon, 24 December, 2012 - 23:22
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Or to give it its full title:
‘A Supra-personal Force or Energy Working Through Me’: the Triratna Buddhist Community and the Stream of the Dharma’

The final instalment of Subhuti’s round of articles based on discussions with Sangharakshita, clarifying and exploring further aspects of Sangharakshita’s teaching, which is the foundation of the Triratna Buddhist Community’s system of practice.

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Sangharakshita himself writes:

“I am glad to see that Subhuti has now completed ‘A Supra-Personal Force: The Triratna Buddhist Community and the Stream of the Dharma’, the fourth and last of the series that began with ‘Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma’ and continued with ‘Re-Imagining the Buddha’ and ‘Initiation Into a New Life’. Like its three predecessors, this paper grew out of Subhuti’s discussions with me, and I commend it to the attention of all Order members, and urge them to make it the object of careful study.”

And here’s the opening by Subhuti:

“This article, in Sangharakshita’s phrase, ‘rounds off the cycle of teachings’ that began with Revering and Relying upon the Dharma, proceeding then to Re-imagining the Buddha, and Initiation into a New Life. Each of these attempts to follow through the implications of Sangharakshita’s statement, in What is the Western Buddhist Order?,1 that the Order is the community of his disciples and disciples of his disciples, practising according to his ‘particular presentation of the Dharma’. Like them, this paper emerges out of my conversations with him, exploring especially his understanding of the five niyamas, and is published with Sangharakshita’s approval. This present paper explores the Dharma niyama at work in Sangharakshita’s own life and experience and thereby shaping the institutions of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

Whilst it seems that this cycle may now be complete, the conversations continue…”

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Thank you Subhuti for sharing your thoughts. I especially enjoyed the glimpse into your personal life that have added a different perspective to my own practise and indeed my appreciation of the Dharma word you spread.
I have always thought that there should be room in a healthy dependant relationship for independance. I have been a married “worldling” for over 20 years now and for half that time been trying to cultivate the space to practise the Dharma outside the recommended single-sex environment the Order prescribes.