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Lokamitra - The Sangha and the Structure of Social Change

On Sun, 3 March, 2013 - 16:17
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Lokamitra is the ideal person to talk about the amazing transformative influence of the Dharma on people’s lives. Its power to effect change in Indian society in seemingly intractable areas like caste offers a hopeful glimpse of the future for any Buddhist community with aspirations to embody the Buddha’s teachings on the pre-eminence of mind in shaping the world we inhabit.

Looking at both Sangharakshita’s teaching on Buddhism and ‘The New Society’ and Dr. Ambedkar’s Dhamma revolution, Lokamitra makes the case for social change being fundamental to anybody’s practice of the Dharma, beyond the merely personal.

Lokamitra has dedicated his own life to just this work as a Triratna pioneer helping re-found a live Buddhist sangha in the land of its birth. Inspiring listening from a true Dharma man!

Listen to Lokamitra’s podcast on the future of the work he has helped start.

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