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India Boo No. 6 - Lokamitra on the future in India

On Wed, 20 February, 2013 - 18:22
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A very special extended edition of the podcast with Lokamitra, one of the first generation of Order members and founder of so much of the Triratna Movement in India. A chance then, on a day of explorations around leadership and the future, to turn our attention to India. Any conversation with Lokamitra tends to the fascinating and this is no exception. Much to ponder, and a chance to celebrate a complex, generous man whose work has benefitted so many for 35 years…

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Thanks so much for having asked the very questions that I would have asked.

Having listened to Lokamotra’s words, I’m confident that the Dhamma’s well rooted in its homeland, especially after having heard that as many as 22 million Indians identify as Buddhists.

May the sangha thrive worldwide!

mitra — SFBC
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I’m so enjoying listening to these audio-boo interviews - thanks everyone xx