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Convention Boo No. 1 - An aural sampler of first night!

On Mon, 25 February, 2013 - 00:14
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From all over the world members of the Triratna Buddhist Order have come to Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India to celebrate their community and sense of shared aspirations and values. From the traditional mythic seat of the Buddha’s Enlightenment we’ll have a week of coverage as all these women and men from many cultures re-dedicate themselves to the task of facing down suffering and engaging with the best in each other and in the world.

Here’s a first smorgasbord of sound - from under the pink and white awning, the voices of Order members greeting each other and their fellows listening in around the world…
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Gentle Oak's picture
How strikinglly all-embracing to hear so many tongues in one boo.

Mettā to all,

mitra — San Francisco Buddhist Center
Vidyadasa's picture
Great to hear, thank you Candradasa! I hope to make it in person next time! I can’t make it this time cos my baby is only 4months old - too early to leave her for that long….Love to all!
dayapakshini's picture
thanks so much for the boo?? never heard of a boo before. So evocative and delightful is there such a thing as positive envy? Looking forward to hearing the talks. love to all xx
Rijupatha's picture
This was so much fun to listen to, and my heart is glowing to hear so many varied voices of our tradition from all across the globe in one place!