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Welcome to the Swedish (Svenska) page of thebuddhistcentre’s Translation project. This page aims to host translations into Swedish of some basic Buddhist texts and ceremonies as used in the Triratna Buddhist Community. You’ll find an excellent introduction to both Buddhism and Triratna already online at www.stockholmsbuddhistcenter.se. Here’s some links to specific texts:

Basic Buddhist texts
The Dedication Ceremony www.viryabodhi.se/oversattning/andras/ceremoni-for-tillagnan
The Refuges and Precepts www.viryabodhi.se/oversattning/andras/tillflykter-och-foreskrifter
The Threefold Puja www.viryabodhi.se/oversattning/andras/enkel-puja

Introducing meditation
Om meditation: viryabodhi.se/meditation/buddhistisk-meditation/
The Metta Bhavana: viryabodhi.se/artiklar/buddhism-nu/metta-bhavana/​ 

Introducing Buddhism
Vad är buddhism? viryabodhi.se/artiklar/andra-artiklar/vad-ar-buddhism-en-kort-introduktion-till-buddhismen/

Introducing the Triratna Buddhist Community
Buddhistiska gemenskapen Triratna www.stockholmsbuddhistcenter.se 
En artikel av Viryabodhi: viryabodhi.se/artiklar/buddhism-nu/triratna-en-ny-gren/

Other resources

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