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Introducing Triratna InHouse Publications

On Wed, 1 May, 2019 - 15:49
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Hello from TIP – Triratna InHouse Publications!  We’re a new Triratna enterprise with the mission of publishing and promoting the many authors in the Triratna Buddhist Order, in all their wondrous diversity.  Expect to find real-life stories, transcendental science fiction, poetry and drama, exploratory dharma, study and seminar texts, and much more, available in paperback, hardback, eBook formats and more…  Our catalogue is arranged under four headings – Dharma, Literature, Stories and Translations, and our first new title has already been released - Chi è il Buddha, Who is the Buddha in Italian!

Texts already available include the four volumes of the Dharma Training Course for Mitras, the Seven Papers, and Introducing the Triratna Buddhist Order.

We seek to complement Triratna’s official publishers, Windhorse Publications, who are the longstanding publisher of Sangharakshita, as well as some Triratna Order members and selected others. While Windhorse takes high-quality writing on Buddhism, mindfulness, addiction-recovery and so on, for publication and international distribution, Triratna InHouse Publications has the more modest and inclusive aim of making available the writings of Triratna Order Members without trying to compete for a share in the world of commercial publishing.

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