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50 Years, 50 Voices: Prasadacarin (Highlights)

By Candradasa on Wed, 24 Oct, 2018 - 19:52

It was quite mindblowing that people were actually trying to practice…


Prasadacarin’s Annals

In 1968 my Serbian grandparents had been in Sweden a year and my mother was born. My father was two years old and was still living in Denmark. 

In 1978 my mother was ten and my father twelve, and they were now living in the same suburb north of Stockholm.

In 1988 my parents were in a relationship and living together. They got married and were waiting for me...

Orden i Sverige
Orden i Sverige

Stockholm council minutes - November 2017

By Munisha on Sun, 10 Dec, 2017 - 19:06

Here are the minutes of the Stockholm Buddhist Centre council meeting 14th November 2017. Sorry they are so late. I was away and then forgot!

Kram Munisha

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Community Highlights
Community Highlights

Munisha Introducing the Urban Retreat - Via Bach and Poetry...

By Candradasa on Mon, 23 Nov, 2015 - 17:47

If you haven’t joined in with the Urban Retreat online, there’s still time! Already a wonderful, inspiring event - some great retreat teaching (only the introductory posts are visible if you aren’t taking part), and the chance to witness moving practice going on around the world…

Here’s Munisha’s lovely introduction from the Stockholm sangha in Sweden.

The music is “Erbarme Dich”, from the St Matthew Passion by JS Bach, with mezzo soprano Janet Baker. The poem is ‘A High Blue Day...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dayanandi's Talk "The Symbolism of Tara" Digitized by Volunteers

By Rijupatha on Wed, 21 Aug, 2013 - 17:42
Happy news for the Dharmachackra Archive! An old cassette copy of Dayanandi’s talk “The Symbolism of Tara,” one of the many talks not yet digitized and online at Free Buddhist Audio, was discovered by a mitra at Dharmagiri Retreat Centre in Sweden. Realizing it was not yet online, he teamed up with Michael Meinild Nielsen to digitize the audio for the archive and sent it to us.

The audio includes a talk and a beautiful invocation given at Taraloka...