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Dayanandi's Talk "The Symbolism of Tara" Digitized by Volunteers

On Wed, 21 August, 2013 - 17:42
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Happy news for the Dharmachackra Archive! An old cassette copy of Dayanandi’s talk “The Symbolism of Tara,” one of the many talks not yet digitized and online at Free Buddhist Audio, was discovered by a mitra at Dharmagiri Retreat Centre in Sweden. Realizing it was not yet online, he teamed up with Michael Meinild Nielsen to digitize the audio for the archive and sent it to us.

The audio includes a talk and a beautiful invocation given at Taraloka - important both as a historic record of Taraloka and as one of the earliest talks given by a female Order member.

Michael writes from the Triratna centre in Stockholm that their Facebook group is abuzz with joy about the fact that talks in Swedish are being recorded and made available on Free Budhist Audio, and that it makes them feel connected to the wider sangha. The movement has grown in Sweden, and they are excited to have online platforms like FBA and The Buddhist Centre Online to share their activities with others.

Thank you to our Dharma brothers and sisters in Sweden for your engagement and your help with bringing this talk online!
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