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Dharmabyte: The Importance of Spiritual Friendship

By Rijupatha on Mon, 19 Oct, 2015 - 11:00

The FBA Dharmabyte podcast today introduces spiritual friendship, a particularly dominant feature of the Triratna Community, in a talk entitled “The Importance of Spiritual Friendship”. From the talk “The Six Distinctive Emphases of the FWBO”, here Sangharakshita concludes his talk on the Six Emphases with a beautiful reflection on his deep friendship with the great Tibetan Lama, Dhardo Rinpoche.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2002.

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Simple Gifts

By Rijupatha on Mon, 17 Nov, 2014 - 18:46

FBA Podcast: Simple Gifts

By Rijupatha on Mon, 17 Nov, 2014 - 18:46Subscribe to the FBA Podcast

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In this week’s FBA Podcast, Vidyadevi remembers her time working with Sangharakshita to edit books based on his lectures and seminars. Entitled “Simple Gifts”, it’s a reflection on friendship with her spiritual teacher.

Given during the Rainy Season Retreat at Manchester Buddhist Centre in February 2014.
Practical Buddhism: Mindfulness and Skilful Living in the Modern Era

15 Points For Friendship

By Paramabandhu on Tue, 19 Feb, 2013 - 15:31
Review by Free Buddhist Audio.

A useful look at the role friendship plays in our lives as practising Buddhists, following a classic ‘15 Points’ model… A good-humoured, honest approach to understanding what the Buddha means when he talks about spirtual friendship being the whole of the spirtual life.