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Friendship as the future of Buddhism: talk to European Buddhist Union conference: 'Buddhism in Action'

On Sun, 3 April, 2016 - 22:00
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Hosted by the European Buddhist Union, this last weekend saw a gathering in Berlin of 50-90 Buddhists of many traditions, from over 15 countries across Europe, east and west. See pictures and responses to the weekend.

A full programme of talks and practice workshops offered a rather amazing view of the diversity of European Buddhism – as well as many common elements and themes: ageing sanghas, leadership succession questions, successful youth work…

I gave a 30-minute talk on “Friendship as the future of Buddhism” about the practice of kalyanamitrata in Triratna - which followed straight on from another talk, from French Reyukai Buddhists, on ‘Family as the crucible to establish Buddhist values in society”.

Other presentations covered, for example, ‘The Neuroscience of Buddhist Meditation’, ‘Enlightenment in Everyday Life’, ‘Compassion in schools’, ‘The importance of action for peace’, a French mindfulness project and teaching Zen meditation in Rome’s prisons.

My PowerPoint for ‘Friendship as the future of Buddhism’ is below.


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Hi dear Munisha,

Thank´s for sharing your talk about the importance of friendship. Found it very inspiring and encouraging! Love, Shridaya

Vidyamala's picture

Thanks for this Munisha. Your talk v inspiring and it looked a lovely gathering. 

Munisha's picture

Thank you very much, dear kalyana mitra!