Triratna in the Buddhist World
Triratna in the Buddhist World

Full reports from the Shakyadhita conference 2019

By Munisha on Tue, 3 Sep, 2019 - 11:24

Triratna News recently reported from the 16th Shakyadhita conference, held in the Blue Mountains, Australia in June. This conference was attended by Kusalacitta (Australia) and Karunadeepa and Tarahridaya (India) and here we publish their full reports.

Shakyadhita (‘Daughters of the Buddha’) is the international association of Buddhist women. Over the years a number of Dharmacharinis have attended its conferences.

Dharmamodini was also present, running the stall for Bodhi Books and Gifts, Triratna’s shop in Sydney.

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Triratna Resources

Inter-Buddhist, Inter-Faith

By lokabandhu on Sat, 16 Jul, 2016 - 16:03

*Update*: See Munisha’s new space on Triratna in the Buddhist World 

Inter-Buddhist (2011)
Here are some of the ways Triratna is active in inter-Buddhist networking: 

  • In the UK it is an active member of the NBO (Network of Buddhist Organisations), with Dhammarati and Lokabandhu on the Activities committee – Munisha also attends as a representative from ClearVision. The NBO is a well-respected UK umbrella group.

  • In Europe Dhammarati attends meetings of the EBU
  • ...