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Parami, Dhammadinna and Kuladharini In Conversation at the Anagarika Convention

By Centre Team on Sat, 14 Dec, 2013 - 14:59
What is an ‘anagarika’? Why practice celibacy as a way to cultivate freedom from life’s entanglements? A brace of discussions with women at Adhisthana during the first Triratna Anagarika Convention, each between two experienced members of the Order who have taken that extraordinary step as a support to their practice of contentment as the basis for a fulfilled spiritual life.

For more on this subject, see writings on celibacy

Listen to Suvarnaprabha...
Community Highlights
Community Highlights

Triratna America - Suvarnaprabha On Cancer And Becoming An Anagarika

By Candradasa on Fri, 21 Jun, 2013 - 21:56
Updated, September 2013 to reflect Suvarnaprabha’s death


Our friend Suvarnaprabha from San Francisco had been living with advanced stage cancer for the past couple of years and writing the most amazing blog about it.

Towards the end of her life she took the step of becoming an Anagarika within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Order - someone who commits herself fully to a life of stillness, simplicity,...