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Dharma Teaching: Imagination, Beauty, and Ritual in the Spiritual Life - course, (Padmavajri)

On Mon, 28 November, 2016 - 13:13
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Imagination, Beauty and Ritual (Padmavajri, 8 weeks)

This course over eight weeks on The Place of Imagination, Beauty, and Ritual in the Spiritual Life was provided by Padmavajri from the Brighton Buddhist Centre.

Padmavajri says: “I led two groups on this. The course was aimed at any Mitras and it turned out I had a group of experienced Mitras, and a group of newer Mitras (one or two years old). … The two groups here loved it, enjoyed it, were challenged by it, and also were helped to understand ritual and the arts much more.”

The material for each week includes:

  • a short list of learning objectives for the teacher;
  • a handout with questions for reflection (it may be best to give these to the participants in advance, and encourage them to prepare for the week);
  • a handout with suggestions for practice during the following week and references for further reading.
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