Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Sunday Program: Valuing the Arts, Science and Culture

On Thu, 9 February, 2017 - 22:06
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Update, February 11: Hi folks. We’ve decided to cancel Sunday morning’s program this week because of the crazy snowstorm! We’ll hopefully see you for an exploration of this topic next Sunday, same time. Stay safe and warm!

This Sunday, February 12, 10AM-12:30 PM, we continue our winter series on The Six Emphases of of a Modern Buddhist Community with the topic Valuing the Arts, Science and Culture.

Each week through February, we’re exploring what makes a modern Buddhist community. This week we explore our relationship to the wider community around us. We don’t exist outside of society as Buddhists, even as we try to exemplify and mirror back qualities that shine with the best of what it is to be human. In an age of fast culture, we can aim to both keep up with the times and honor the jewels of the past when it comes to the Arts, scientific advancement and knowledge of the world. 

Come and join us for a look at how engaging with the richness of the broader culture can be a form of spiritual practice and a valuable support in our everyday struggles, opening us up to beauty, mystery and the deep wonder of being alive.

This is our weekly community gathering and all are welcome.  Offered by donation, $10 - $5 suggested.

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