Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Photos from 1st Mitra Ceremony

On Sun, 2 September, 2012 - 16:49
viriyalila's picture
August 29th we held our first mitra ceremonies. Bettye and Oz both started coming to the center soon after we opened in October 2011. They are both fired up by the Dharma and grateful to have found the Triratna Community to practice with. Sadhu to you both!
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Viryabodhi's picture
SADHU, Bettye and Oz, and all involved. Nice black and white photos, and colored.
viriyalila's picture
Thanks Viryabodhi - I love how the black and white photos came out. It was dark enough that I could use an infrared setting on my camera and then adjust color to pure b&w afterwards. I especially love the close-up of the shrine.

Ratnaghosha's picture
Beautiful shrine. Good to see the sangha growing in Portsmouth. Well done.
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Thank you Ratnaghosha! Would you like to lead something next time you come through for a visit? been thinking of you as the leaves are just beginning to turn into their reds, oranges and yellows.