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New Introductory Course Starts March 30

On Thu, 16 March, 2017 - 15:41
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Join our next four-week introductory course, Get to Know Your Mind with Buddhism, Thursdays 7 - 9PM, March 30 - April 20.  In this course, the main focus will be on learning two traditional Buddhist meditations: Mindfulness of Breathing and Cultivation of Loving Kindness (Metta Bhavana).  You do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from these practices, but understanding the role of meditation in the Buddhist context may help you benefit more fully.  Here is what one meditation teacher, Paramananda, says in his book, Change Your Mind:

“Meditation … is a means by which we can become increasingly self-aware, and build up a strong sense of emotional positivity.  Based on this foundation we can then act in the world creatively in ways that will help both ourselves and others.  All it involves, really, is taking more notice of our mental states and encouraging them in particular directions … It is on the basis of this self-knowledge that we can begin to encourage the awareness and kindness that will bring a sense of richness and fulfillment to our lives, and from which compassionate action can spring”.

Registration is free.  Register here to ensure a place. 

Like all our programs, this course if offered by donation: $40 suggested for the four-week course.  Follow this link to donate by credit card or Paypal.

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