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UK and Ireland Order weekend: "A rich and many splendored thing"

On Mon, 21 August, 2017 - 13:01
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Three hundred and fifty or so members of the Triratna Buddhist Order have been meeting at Adhisthana, UK. This summer’s UK and Ireland Order weekend included women and men from countries including Sweden, France, Spain, India, Belgium, Mexico and Venezuela, supported by an international mitra team.

The weekend had three emphases:
1. Extending outwards
2. Going deeper
3. Learning from the past

Extending outwards The Order’s symbol is the thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, each Order member working in his/her own way for the benefit of the world. This was reflected in the theme of the weekend: ‘ “A rich and many-splendored thing” - valuing the contribution of every Order member’. 

Under this heading a number of people shared some of the many ways we practise in the world including

  • An Indian classical music workshop
  • A cello recital
  • Sessions on healthcare chaplaincy, prison chaplaincy and mindfulness in the UK prison system
  • A presentation on the work of Young Indian Futures
  • A presentation on the work of the Karuna Trust
  • The work of the Abhayaratna Trust, supporting Order members in financial hardship
  • A ‘Meet the Safeguarding officer’ session with Munisha
  • Moving presentations on projects financed by the FutureDharma Fund 

Going deeper Order members tried out a model for discussing one’s practice and assessing strengths and areas for development.

Learning from the past Talks by Vishvapani and Lokeshvara looked how we can learn from the difficulties in our past, staying open, holding difference, staying in dialogue.

We also rejoiced in Prakasha on the 40th anniversary of his ordination, and took the opportunity to welcome more than 25 new Order members!

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Any chance of someone sharing the model used for Going Deeper practice reporting in. Could be useful for those that couldn’t attend. Maitripala xx