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On Mon, 5 February, 2018 - 12:55
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Sthanashraddha is Bhante’s secretary. He writes from AdhisthanaUK:

December is an unusual month here at Adhisthana, it becomes fairly quiet in the communities and quite a few people go away, either to see family or attend retreats. At the same time the centre swells and fills to capacity as the London Buddhist Centre holds its annual beginners winter retreat here. Bhante’s December largely followed a similar rhythm, being very quite with a slowing down of emails and letters over the holidays, but then seeing many people during the winter retreat.

January rolled on and the year began peacefully in the Urgyen Annexe, Bhante enjoyed meeting various chairs during the European Chairs Assembly, and then it was time for the Adhisthana community days. Time for the men’s and women’s community to come together without any retreats or guests visiting, and everyone Home from their travels. It was during the community days that Bhante was invited for a tea Party, which he enjoyed very much, talking with a few of us and also Aryajaya who has just moved here to become the new International Order Convenor, taking over from Parami who steps down later this year.

Though the weather has been cold, Bhante has been out for several walks when it has been dry, including a rather snowy morning. Even when going out hasn’t been possible, Bhante keeps up regular exercises of various kinds.

December and January has of course seen Bhante continuing to ’write’ in the evenings with the help of either Paramartha or Suvajra, finishing both ’Green Tara and the Fourth Lakshana’ and ’Bodhisattvas are Also Necessary’.

Other than the usual clinic visits for Bhante’s eyes, there was a visit to the local Surgery to see his GP about a minor infection in mid January, for which he’s taking a short course of antibiotics.

A gift of Philip Pullman’s latest book ’The Book of Dust’, is now being listened to and Bhante is enjoying it.”

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