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Pujas with Altitude

On Thu, 14 February, 2019 - 17:21
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Here’s an interesting initiative: Pujas with Altitude! It’s a chance to climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in the UK, take part in three pujas - on lake, hill and ancient woodland - as well as raise money for Taraloka, in particular, to help build an ‘Earth-Sky’ Garden.

Animisha is one person who has accepted this challenge! She writes: “Taraloka has been an important retreat centre for women to be able to come together to practice.  It was the first retreat centre I went to and I have been back several times over the years. The old concrete stand just outside the shrine room is not the most beautiful part of Taraloka so it will be great if they can transform that space, especially if they can make it accessible to all.” 

This sponsored challenge will help raise funds for Taraloka’s major project for 2019: the Earth-Sky Garden, transforming the area outside the shrine room windows, making it an accessible as well as a sacred space for all.

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