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Ordinations at Akashavana, Spain

On Sat, 13 September, 2014 - 16:30
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The following women were publicly ordained during a bilingual Spanish-English retreat at Akashavana yesterday, 12th September 2014:

Public preceptor Dayanandi:
Ursula Tidd becomes Dharmakarunya, a Sanskrit name meaning “She Whose Compassion is from the Dharma”. (Long third and final ‘a’; dot under the ‘n’.)
Westernised spelling: Dharmakarunya
Private preceptor Samantabhadri

Sarah Bedworth becomes Sraddhagupta, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is protected by Faith”. (Accent over the ‘s’; long second and final ‘a’s.)
Westernised spelling: Shraddhagupta
Private preceptor Ratnavandana

Public Preceptor Parami:
Amparo Riosas becomes Viryadipa, a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose Lamp is Energy”. (Both ‘i’s are long; long final ‘a’.)
Westernised spelling: Viryadipa
Private preceptor Paramachitta

Amparo Riosas se convierte en Viryadipa, un nombre Sanscrito cuyo significado es “La que tiene una lampara de energia dharmica”.

Public Preceptor Padmasuri:
Tanya Womack becomes Viryasri, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has Beauty because of her Vitality”. (Both ‘i’s are long; accent above the ‘s’.)
Westernised spelling: Viryashri
Private preceptor Karunachitta

Anna de Moor becomes Tejomala, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has a Garland of Beauty”. (Both ‘a’s are long.)
Westernised spelling: Tejomala
Private preceptor Sinhacandra

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
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