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Concert tour for Manchester mitra and violinist Olivia Moore

On Tue, 7 July, 2015 - 23:45
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Olivia Moore is a Manchester mitra and violinist specializing in jazz and Indian classical violin. Her band, Unfurl, a five-piece “Indian-style jazz band” recently received funding from Jazz North to do a set of gigs in the Midlands and northern England. (See tour dates below.)

She’s also influenced by flamenco, gypsy and folk music and some of her music is explicitly influenced by her involvement in Triratna, such as her compositions entitled ‘Amoghasiddhi’, ‘Tiratanaloka’ and ‘The Dragon and the Drum’. No need to explain the first two; the last is setting of a poem by the late Manjusvara, read by Vidyamala with musical accompaniment. Hear these tracks.

Hear and buy Olivia’s album ‘Owl’. 
Hear Unfurl’s latest tracks.
Find out more about Olivia. 
Find out more about Unfurl.

Unfurl tour dates 2015
25th July Hull Truck Festival  
9th September Stratford Jazz (Stratford upon Avon)
11th September Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
14th November Bramhope, Leeds (webpage not yet available)

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