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Meditation Tuesday for Buddhist Action Month - On the Elements

On Mon, 15 June, 2015 - 21:25
Candradasa's picture

This month we’re exploring themes related to Buddhist Action Month (BAM!) and its central focus on sustainability and caring for others. Following on from last week’s meditation on the Buddha in nature, we’ll be looking at the elements - earth, water, fire, air - in our experience as we follow the breath…

How to connect 
Join us at 2.30pm EST/ 7.30pm UK via our Google + page (you will need a Google account of some kind and will have to add us to your circles. Click ‘hangouts’ in the event posting on our page each week).

NB. Tuesday meditations are primarily for those who know the two main practices we focus on. There is also a Friday’s drop-in meditation (beginners welcome) at 11am EST/4pm UK.

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