International Practice Week 2018: 'Turning Arrows Into Flowers'

Follow up on the International Practice Week

On Sat, 29 September, 2018 - 06:00
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The International Practice Week is drawing to a close! 

Don’t forget that you can continue to watch or listen to the talks at a later stage. Yashobodhi has provided this helpful resource with the Seven Point Mind Turning, and the 59 lojong slogans which you can consult again to remind you.  You can also consult our guide for ideas around ritually marking the end of the week.

Watch all Yashobodhi’s talks for International Practice Week

Listen to the audio recordings of the series

With thanks to West London Buddhist Centre.

Always maintain only a joyful mind (slogan 21)

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May the merit gained
In our acting thus
Go to the alleviation of the suffering of all beings.

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bodhaniya's picture

Dear Yashobodhi, I’ve just finished listening to the last of your talks on 7 point mind training.  Thankyou very much.  In each talk you have made what seems quite complex material understandable and accessible, with the sense that it is coming from your own years of practice.  I was unable to take part in our retreat in Birmingham but have been recommending your talks.  With love Bodhaniya