Welcome to International Practice Week 2018: ‘Turning Arrows Into Flowers’

Here is an invitation to our 2018 International Triratna Practice Week! 

The plan is for as many people and Triratna Sanghas across the world to take part as possible so that we can be aware of each other practicing together as one practice community, from Europe to the Americas to Australia and including India!  

The dates are: 22-29 September 2018

The event will start with a day retreat on the Saturday 22 September. Read our guide to taking part online

If you are running the retreat at your Centre and have not run an urban retreat before, please see the guide ‘How to run an Urban Retreat’

The image to sum up and symbolize the theme of this week is that of the Buddha on the cusp of his Enlightenment, at the point when Mara attacks him with all the weapons he can muster. But, as we know, even though the Buddha is attacked, he does not react with anger , hatred or defensiveness but instead sits in complete peace and openness; the arrows from his opponents drift down around him as flower petals. A big ‘thank you’ to Aloka for making his black & white line drawing available for us to use at this event.  

The week’s practice material will focus on this state of openness, of non-defensiveness, of having a mind that is free of blame and reactivity: instead we practice to turn toward the challenge with openness, kindness and interest developing the attitude of ‘taking adversity onto the path’. 

We can use themes from the Seven Mind Training verses as laid out by Atisha to help us develop the mind of bodhicitta in our everyday experience.