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Webinar on Relief work in India

On Thu, 16 July, 2020 - 14:48
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Following the success of the Buddha Day appeal, which raised 57 lakh rupees (£60,000 or $75,000) for Coronavirus relief in India, the Coronavirus Relief Work India team have decided to host an hour long webinar about relief work in India on Sunday 19th July to update donors from the West and India.

West Coast USA 02.30 | Mexico 04.30 | East Coast USA 05.30 | UK & IE 10.30 | Europe 11.30 CET | India 15.00 | Australia EST 19.30 | New Zealand 21.30

The webinar will include contributions from both the Relief Work team and the trustees of the Dhammaloka Trust (who were involved in the fundraiser).

Join this webinar via Youtube on Sunday 19th July

Read more about the Buddha Day appeal

Donate and save lives in India

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