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What the Buddha said about loving-kindness...

On Fri, 1 November, 2013 - 16:54
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Natalie Willmer, from the Auckland Buddhist Centre in New Zealand, with a short talk on the metta sutta – an ancient Pali text that contains some of the Buddha’s words and teaching on metta (loving-kindness). Natalie describes her response to first coming across these words of the Buddha; some of them inspired her, but some of them raised questions…

This is the first of a short series of 10-minute talks from different practitioners from around the world that we’ll be posting in the run-up to the urban retreat that starts next Saturday, November 9th.

Listen to the Metta Sutta chanted
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Justfarrington's picture
Very inspiring talk Natalie and great encouragement to use imagination to water the seed of metta. I’m looking forward to doing that during the urban retreat and really appreciate the opportunity to connect in - loved the metta sutta chanting too!
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That’s a very lovely talk Natalie. And good to hear Taranatha’s wisdom being shared with people who don’t have the good fortune of knowing him.
paul.crosland@gmail.com's picture
What was so heart-opening and helpful to me in this talk, Natalie; so much so that I paused the talk at this point to make this response from my place of gratitude was this: You reminded me of how strongly the phrase “as a mother loves her child” and others ring for me with growing depth and how confusions around “Buddhist expressions/concepts ” clear; reminding me of this journey of heart response and growing clarity is most useful so I’ll now be tweeting about this clip on @paulcrosland #FreeRange #Buddhist. Thank you again for lifting the lead-in to the retreat.
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What a beautiful inspiring and heartfelt talk about Metta! This has been really helpful thank you.