Loving Kindness - Blazing Like The Sun

A beautiful chant of the metta sutta

On Fri, 1 November, 2013 - 17:59
vajragupta's picture
Having just posted up Natalie’s talk on the metta sutta (the Buddha’s words on loving-kindness) we thought you’d love this… It’s a beautiful recording of the metta sutta, in Pali (an ancient Indian language), and chanted by Joe Richardson at the end of Triratna’s 2012 International Retreat.

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Jayne's picture
beautiful indeed
phillippaJP's picture
Really opens the heart. Thank you.
sheena's picture
Thankyou so much- beautiful way to start the day.
alyson hurst's picture
brought tears to my eyes and love filled my heart - thank you x
Clare D's picture
very beautiful, thank you.