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Triyana Vardhana Vihara, Kalimpong

On Fri, 6 March, 2015 - 12:54
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Two Order Members were the first to stay in Sangharakshita’s old vihara in Kalimpong. This was the setting for Sangharakhsita’s book ‘Precious Teachers’ and Khantipalo’s book called ‘Noble Friendship’. Here is a short video interview with Ajahn Sitling who is the current owner and who, as a boy, knew Sangharakshita. He talks about his experience living there and reminisces about Sangharakshita and his friends.
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All I’m getting is “This videao is private”. I’d like to hear what Vajratara and Ajahn Sitling are saying.
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Should be okay now, let me know!
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Thank you Candradasa: it worked this time. I visited Triyana Vardhana Vihara in 1996 with Dayanandi so it was lovely to hear Ajahn Sitling’s reminiscences of Bhante Sangharakshita.

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Ajahn and his daughter Sharon remember you and Dayanandi. Sharon asked after you and I told her how wonderful you still are. We spent some time rejoicing in your merits!
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Wow. They have good memories, especially as so many of Bhante’s disciples have visted them over the years!
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But you are rather special. Am I allowed to say that on a public internet site?
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Great to see this, Vajratara - thank you! :) Going out in the new ‘Buddhist Centre Highlights’ email today…
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Lovely to hear more about this place Vajratara :)