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Subhuti in India: a documentary video from Mokshapriya

On Thu, 28 January, 2016 - 11:52
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Mokshapriya writes from India to announce the release of his documentary film, ‘Subhuti in India’, aimed particularly a Triratna audience outside India.

“Twice a year Subhuti leaves north Wales, UK, for India. His winter 2014/15 visit lasted 85 days, included 12 retreats and covered over 3,000 miles, from Bhaja in Maharashtra to Bodh Gaya, the place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

I asked Subhuti if I could follow him on one of his India tours to record, for the interest of our Order and Movement, how he spends half of each year. 

He generously agreed, and that I could film whatever I wanted. Instead of interviewing Subhuti himself I decided to interview people attending the retreats he was leading there: public preceptors, private preceptors, Order members, young people, Hungarian gypsies and so on.

I also tried to capture something of the spirit of Triratna in India today particularly at Bhaja, Bor Dharan, Pune, Nagpur and Bodh Gaya.”

Mokshapriya lives near Subhuti in north Wales, UK, and was the founder of Triratna’s video project Clear Vision. (This film, however, is an independent production from Mokshapriya.)

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akasharaja's picture

What a fantastic film! Very inspiring, sadhu to all involved.

vimalanatha's picture

Very inspiring Thank you for doing mokshapriya ji

padmalaya's picture

This is a beautiful film.

nagesvara's picture

Watched this last night. Really moving what Subhuti et al are doing in India. Inspiring and very well put together and filmed by Mokshapriya. Highly recommend it.

padmasuri's picture

A beautifully produced film Mokshapriya - evocative, inspirational, and a strong flavour of whats happenng today in Buddhist India.   Sadhu to all.  Padmasuri 

Lyn's picture

Thank you for such a wonderful film. Always been interested to hear what as/is happening in India, so delighted to learn more, see Triratna at work, and what energy and insight is apparent in Subhuti.  Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.