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Saddhaloka On Reviewing The Preceptors' College

On Wed, 6 December, 2017 - 15:23
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Over on the Adhisthana Kula space, Saddhaloka has been taking a look at the next stage of the College of Public Preceptors’, a central leadership body within our community.

Read ‘Reviewing How The Preceptors’ College Works’ by Saddhaloka

From his introduction:

The College of Public Preceptors has been growing and its make-up is changing. By next year we could have 45 active members, and it will inevitably continue to grow as the movement expands and more public preceptors are needed. Many of the founding generation still in the College have been coming together in all sorts of meetings and gatherings for 40 years. Quite a number of them are now approaching 70, or are already into their 70s. We have set a mandatory retirement age at 75, but it would be good to bring it down to 70, and in time to 65. As new generations come into the college and the elders move on, it is going to be important that there is an overlap of generations, so that experience and understanding accumulated over the years can be fully passed on.

Download Saddhaloka’s map of the Order, Movement and College

Download notes on the map

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Hi, there - thank you for this. Lovely to see your radiant beaming from my flat screen. Just a small detail. In the mind map can you change the region USA - to North America that way it clearly includes Canada and Mexico - thank you