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Maitrisara On The Buddhafield Dharma Parlour

On Tue, 9 July, 2013 - 15:11
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A fun conversation with Maitrisara, program organizer for the much-loved Dharma Parlour space at the annual Buddhafield Festival, which is in some ways most expressive of the heart of the Buddhafield community itself.

At the Dharma Parlour you can hear talks and take part in (at least 37!) dedicated Dharma workshops aimed at blending the ancient wisdom of the Buddha with peculiarly modern, environmental concerns about how we live. As well as debates, and introductions to Buddhism of all sorts, with speakers drawn from all across the Buddhist world.

Maitrisara outlines some of the highlights of this year’s feast of Dharma and speaks to us on how she goes about putting together such a rich program of material that reflects her own love of Buddhafield and of Dharma exploration…

Book on the Buddhafield Festival (July 17-21st, weekend and day tickets available)
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