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Join the Public Ordination at the London Buddhist Centre Livestream Here!

On Sat, 4 April, 2020 - 23:18
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Welcome to the Order, Sthiramanas!

The public ordination at the London Buddhist Centre took place on Sunday 5th April at 11AM UK time. (0600AM, New York (EDT); 1200PM Europe (CEST); 1530PM Pune; 2000PM Sydney; 2200PM Auckland)

You can watch the recording here or on the LBCs Youtube Channel Note: To hear the sound click unmute. If you can’t see the mute button please enter full screen mode first.

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Narda's picture

Wow what joy to be able to witness and be involved in this way!

sucimani's picture

Absolutely wonderful to be part of this inspiring public ordination. Loved witnessing the birth of a new order member. proudly wore my kesa as I watched.

Loved the readings, especially hearing Bhante. Very special.

Wonderful way to celebrate 52 years since the very first order members were ordained.

A very warm welcome Sthiramanas to the order.  💛💙❤️

vajrabhadri's picture
Such a lovely, joyous ceremony to witness. Sadhu! 🙏 So nice to see the wider Triratna community and an old friend too. Love always 🌈