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The Fear Issue (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 4)

On Thu, 26 March, 2020 - 01:07
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Centre Team

“What went before — let go of that!
All that’s to come — have none of it!
Don’t hold on to what’s in between,
And you’ll wander fully at peace.”

The Buddha

Today we look a key aspect of this most strange of times: fear itself. Whether it’s the virus, other people, or your own mind that sometimes gets to you. Whether you’re oddly calm, having to work with mild anxiety, or find yourself in the throes of full blown panic – this is a podcast for you. 

A conversation amongst friends that neither shies away from the issue of fear nor tries to talk down its significance in our lives. And yet, there in the holding of it we catch glimpses of a much bigger perspective, one that comes out of everyday small acts of courage and kindness, and opens out into a full flowering of love.

Moving accounts from our guests of personal challenges and the practice that helps overcome them. Join us for a good look at what scares and also at the hope that lies beyond fear’s false horizon.

ps. Sorry about the audio gremlins at various points in this episode. Bandwidth contracts, Zoom struggles, computer fans kick in… Happily, it is all very listenable!

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Theme music by Ackport! Used with kind permission.


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vajrabhadri's picture

Many thanx for a lovely sharing of thoughts on fear. I found it both helpful and inspiring. Love always. 💜

Vajranatha's picture

Soundcloud is not available in Venezuela.  Is there a simple download from elsewhere?

Centre Team's picture

Hi Vajranatha. Thanks for letting us know this. If you go to the podcast itself (click on the link in the group menu above or on the subscribe link on any episode post here) you can listen via AudioBoom or, better still, subscribe directly from most podcast apps. Is this possible in Venezuela? If not we will start sharing the individual files on every post as an attachment to download. Hope you are well! 🙏🏻

Vajranatha's picture

No kind of streaming will work here. I’d need to download the whole file which would take several hours - which is why soundcloud won’t work because their download sessions have a time limit. It just needs to be a straight mp3 download like on FBA which can take all day in the background and be resumed easily if the connection drops. 

Centre Team's picture

Hi Vajranatha - we’ve now added a mp3 file as a file attachment on every episode, and will do the same going forward. Be well! 🙏🏻

saddhanandi's picture

Listened to this last night and discovered it was a conversation between all my friends, yey! Thank you! Definitely a great addition to the resources we have online. xxx

Centre Team's picture

Here is the podcast as a mp3 file for direct download.

Vajranatha's picture

Hey thanks! Lets see if the internet stays up for the 3hrs I need to download :-)