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Change Your Mind: Change Your Life

On Tue, 5 April, 2022 - 20:30
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Centre Team

It’s wonderful to explore the nature of mind together, along with Iain McGilchrist, Penny Sartori and Bernado Kastrup. But surely the main thing is to change your mind, to make a real contribution to your life and to the life of those around you. The world needs your courage, wisdom and compassion. 

A retreat is a set of conditions to help you get the best out of your mind. If you do that, your life will flourish and you’ll be able to help change the world - in fact changing your mind is changing the world. After all, you are part of the world: let’s make that ‘part’ as loving, creative and connected as possible.

The retreat will take place at Adhisthana, International Buddhist Centre, and is suitable for complete newcomers as well as experienced meditators. It includes meditation instruction, exploration of the nature of mind, periods of silence, and communal rituals - all set in the glorious Herefordshire countryside.

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