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Buddhist insights into veganism by Ratnaprabha - in French and English

On Sun, 19 March, 2017 - 15:45
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Vegan Fashion Venture recently interviewed Ratnaprabha (West London Buddhist Centre) about the relationship between Buddhism, meditation and veganism.

Read the full article and watch the interview on the website. The recording is in English with French subtitles. The script is available in English and in French.

Here is a little extract:

“When I think about Buddhism and veganism, it makes me think first of all about just how crucial from a Buddhist point of view it is to practise non-harming of living beings. It is something that the Buddha said right from the beginning, we must practise non-harming of living beings and we must behave from kindness as if all beings are our friends. This is why I became a vegetarian, and then I became a vegan. But I think it’s important not to be too narrow about it, and sometimes I’ve met vegans who are very obsessed with their diet, while there may be other ways in which they are not so kind and friendly towards other living beings, including other human beings. So I think it’s a practice, something   that can always expand, one can never be complacent, and think “it’s ok, I have adopted a vegan diet that means now my life is entirely sorted, I’m a wonderful, perfect loving human being”. It’s not the case. There is always more that we can do, and I think the more we can do is to be more sensitive to other people, to other living beings and to see what their needs are, see if we can help them meet their needs, to see if we can become kinder, in various ways, to them.” 

Ratnaprabha, interviewed by Florence V Sarlat, Vegan Fashion Venture, 15.02.2017

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