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Manidha and Alice - Poems on Metta

On Wed, 6 November, 2013 - 19:21
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Manidha and Alice here from Seattle in the U.S. sharing a collection of poems we feel inspired by when we think about metta and its central importance for the life of the heart. Drawing on different religious and spiritual traditions the poems bring out some of the qualities of metta and of a person turning their effort towards cultivating loving kindness in their life.

This video was produced and read with the help of our friends in the Seattle sangha!
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Vimalasara's picture
thanks for making this - great - resource
Diane Palaces's picture
Thank you for making this video. Wonderful poems, just the right length. Heartwarming to see you Manidha and nice to meet Alice and “the reader.”
rodashruti's picture
This rocks.
saddhāruci's picture
I feel so moved by the poems and also by having the chance to see Manidha. Last time I saw hershe was still Vicky and we were in a GFR retreat in Mexico.

love to all
Mirza's picture
Thank you Manidha and Alice for such an inspiring video about Metta :)

Greetings and lots of metta from Costa Rica :)
veronica's picture
Thank you for your way of representing Metta with poems and sharing your colourful circles . Very special to witness how much fun you had in creating this. May you all be well. With Metta Veronica
Evgenia Lipilina's picture
thank you very much!

very inspiring poems!
marybell's picture
Really enjoyed your video, warmth and sincerity , beautiful poems and the lovely friendly lighthearted finish. Thankyou
David_2416's picture
Loved it all, especially the last:)
eleanorthismoment's picture
just the ticket! with thanks, appreciation and metta to you all
Upayadhi's picture
Thank you so so very much!!! Wonderful, expansive poems. The last one I think I heard on one of my very first retreats almost 10 years ago now. Wow – like finding an old lost love…. thank you for the flood of memories. Memories of a beginner’s mind and heart that I yearn for.
Savanna -NYC
Munisha's picture
What a great video. Dig the sticker, sisters! Very funny, very touching. Munisha
lokabandhu's picture
Fab! thank you…
viriyalila's picture
This is so lovely - thank you for putting this together. Warms my heart in all the best of ways.
Manda's picture
Beautiful! A great way to start my day. Thank you.
padmatara's picture
Great stuff you guys, lovely.
Elena's picture
I really love this. I’m listening to these poems every day and being very inspired. I like the idea of substituting the word god by reality although I don’t mind the word god when used in poetry. Thanks for this video. It is lovely and very helpful :)
nancy's picture
Thank you! I was led to this lovely video by a friend who, like me, is a fan of Love Poems from God. Wonderful Metta, indeed—bringing the Reality of all faiths together like prayer beads on a string. ( btw Ladinsky’s Hafiz & Rumi books help make us more human too!) May your retreat refresh all.