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Parami’s Personal Wishlist for the Next 20 Years (con traducción al espanol) - Pan-American Convention 2019

On Thu, 12 December, 2019 - 20:33
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At the 2019 Triratna Pan-American Convention in Mexico, Parami gives a strong, beautifully challenging talk about the future of the Buddhist community she has taken a leading part in since the 1970s. Taking as her framework Sangharakshita’s 1999 talk ‘Looking Ahead A Little Way’, as well as the four traditional Verses of Acceptance for Buddhist ordination within Triratna, she gives us her Top 10 Wishes for the wellbeing and flourishing of the Order and Movement around it in the years ahead. 

Ranging from conditions for ordination itself to the challenges and promise of global digital communication, Parami brings all her experience and good humour to bear as she sketches out what a healthy Buddhist sangha can be, and can contribute to the planet and to the welfare of all human beings. 

This is a profoundly engaging, affirming and realistic survey of the needs of any community where trying to understand the nature of things, and seeking to be of use in the world as part of doing so, is at the forefront of people’s concern. 

Talk given at Chintamani Retreat Center, Mexico, October 2019. 

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Parami’s Personal Wishlist for the Next 20 Years
1. As individuals, and as an Order and community, we make peace and learn to hold complexity.

2. To find ways of creating real communities that are alternatives and open (no prescribed view of what they might look like). 

3. To strengthen local “Areas” of Triratna by having strong Area Council where the Order, Movement and College are strongly represented; and that some of the people taking part then come together in an international meeting.

4. That we really embrace digital technology.

5. That we build a culture of spiritual friendship (kalyana mitrata) that includes Restorative Process.

6. That someone lay out clearly the principles around practices that conduce to “Real” Going for Refuge - seeing into the nature of reality in a way that can’t be lost sight of.

7. Creative, skilful succession planning.

8. Ordain more young people.

9. Strengthen the International Council meeting, and clarify the relationship between that and the College of Public Preceptors.

10. May we continue as a force in the world, with more diversity and more unity. 

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