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Listen to podcasts live from the Women's UK & Ireland Order Weekend! (+ reports from Germany too.)

On Fri, 6 December, 2013 - 16:55
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Parami is doing a sterling job reporting for us from the weather-wracked Order gathering for women in the UK & Ireland currently happening at Adhisthana Retreat Centre in Herefordshire. A lovely glimpse into what happens when so many people get together to celebrate their faith together… Listen out for more and some interviews with attendees through the weekend!

*update* Listen too to Utpalavajri reporting from the Central European Order forum in snowy Germany…

Episode 1 (Intro) | Episode 2 (Interviews) | Episode 3 (Mantras & Puja) | Episode 4 (Memories of Sangharakshita) | Episode 5 (Songs, Mantras & Things) | Episode 6 (Last Voices and New Vision)

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