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Karuna USA! (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 426)

On Mon, 11 April, 2022 - 20:06
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This week’s episode is a brilliant, edited conversation from the launch of Karuna USA live in New York City, featuring speakers from India, America and the UK.

Karuna USA believes that every individual deserves a decent life and the opportunity to achieve their potential, regardless of caste, race or ethnicity.

Social and economic systems with high levels of inequality hurt everyone’s progress. That’s a fact. Working together we can challenge these systems and ensure access to a fair and decent life for all. Karuna USA stands in solidarity with those communities barred from achieving this right, and especially with women whose empowerment is key to the transformation of societies.

Together with our local community partners in South Asia, we work tirelessly to ensure that those living in abject poverty, forced into bonded labor, or dehumanized by a social designation such as “low caste” can access opportunities for a better life.


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