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The Importance of the Dharma in Latin America: Bodhikámala with Subhuti, Live from México!

On Fri, 13 May, 2022 - 22:57
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Tuesday 17 May

13:30 México | 11:30 USA PST | 14:30 USA EST | 19:30 IE & UK | 20:30 Europe CET | 00:00 India (next day) | 04:30 Sydney (next day) | 06:30 Auckland (next day)

Con traducción al español

An unexpected treat live from Toluca, México! Subhuti in conversation with Bodhikámala about the vital opportunities the Buddhist path offers to people in Latin America looking for a better way to live. The excitement, the challenges, and the significance for Triratna as one of the fastest growing corners of our worldwide community starts to impact a Buddhist culture shaped until now largely by British, European, and Indian culture.

Join us live in México for one of our best-loved and most experienced teachers in a dynamic conversation with the next generation of Dharma explorers in Latin America.

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