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Dharmachakra and the Rebirth of Free Buddhist Audio (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 438)

On Sat, 18 February, 2023 - 18:52
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Dharmachakra has been a going concern since Dharmachari Ananda first strapped a reel-to-reel tape recorder on his back in London in 1967 to record the first public lectures by Urgyen Sangharakshita under the auspices of the then Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. It has evolved over the decades to become an amazing Triratna Right Livelihood team – most importantly, a team of friends, working online together across the globe to bring the world the best of Buddhism and meditation from our new Buddhist Community.

We hear from the team in Mexico City, the United Kingdom and the United States about their work on the brand new Free Buddhist Audio, recently relaunched in its third major version for mobile devices with an archive that has swelled in 15+ years from 450 titles to over 5,500. Some magic recommendations follow (see the prodigious show notes below) – but also an evocation of the importance of working together, of taking part in a lineage of practice, and of passing on to the next generation the many treasures of the Dharma. At its best, the new FBA is just this: a chest of jewels, rich and surprising, whose light illuminates not just our history as modern Buddhists and how far we have come, but shows the way to the future of Buddhism as it adapts to new contexts, countries, languages and cultures. 

Take a deep dive with us into a world of outstanding generosity, amazing technology, and beautiful collective effort over many years to bring the words of the Buddha and the voices of diverse community to life online. Dharmachakra may already be a great Triratna institution – and Free Buddhist Audio a much loved resource and space online – but it’s just getting started.

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Show Notes
David has now been ordained as… Dayaketu! Which means, ‘Comet of Kindness or Compassion’ ☺️

Kusaladevi’s picks

Dayaketu’s (David’s) picks

Kamalavajra’s picks

Viriyalila’s picks

Sophe’s picks

Zac’s picks
The ‘Lost’ Padmasambhava Talk by Sangharakshita (1979)


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khemajoti's picture

Great to listen to this and sadhu to all of you and everyone else who works with fba for making all this material available. I really appreciate fba and think the new website is great - am especially pleased that I can now listen on my phone :-)

And I’m remembering back in the 90s when I used to have ‘breakfast with Bhante’ - this meant taking a cassette tape of one of Bhante’s talks up to my room and listening over my bowl of muesli - a great way to start the day. And one I often still do now but I no longer need the cassettes!

big thanks to you all Khemajoti