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Autism and the Triratna Buddhist Community

On Thu, 16 March, 2023 - 18:21
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In this interview Prajnanandi, who is autistic, explains what autism is, tells Ratnaguna how it is to be an autistic within the Triratna Buddhist Community, and how we can make it easier for autistics to thrive in our sangha.

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Thanks to both of you. I really appreciated hearing more about your experience, Prajnanandi.

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Impressive to hear, and very recognisable! Regards from one of those other autistic OM’s (well Asperger)…  With folded palms, Ujukarin

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Thank you Prajnanandi and Ratnaguna for this conversation. It was good to learn more, and I look forward to your further conversations - also to reading the book!

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This is excellent! I hope lots of people watch and listen. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Prajnanandi - I learnt a lot. 

And though I’m not (as far as I know) neuro-diverse, I too dislike being hugged by people I don’t know very well (even some I do!) so even neuro-typical types can be put off by this! 

I’ve also reflected a lot on the teaching of ‘spiritual friendship as the whole of the spiritual life’ - what does this really mean? I don’t think it’s about ‘socialising’.  And I’m just as interested in the teaching of ‘make an island for yourself’ and the whole area of self-reliance. But maybe that’s enough for now!

Thanks again Prajnanandi and Ratnaguna